The Stockpair Broker

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Binary options are like gambling and managing your financial investment both at the same time. Your account is managed by a group of people or a company acting as a ‘broker’ that gives you the best investments you can invest on and trade.

It’s more a financial investment, really. Here are a few ideas to explore:

Types of Business served by Stockpair

Stockpair caters to businesses such as commercial and the more classic call-and-trade. In 60-seconds, you can trade over 90 to 300 options. The commercial options can be traded anywhere between seconds and minutes, provided that they have accounts within Stockpair.

The Stockpair app

The Stockpair app is a great tool for binary option brokers. The Stockpair application acts like an online agent for brokers who want to create substantial profits for themselves. It’s also the future of binary option trading, where investors can monitor the volatility of market news and trends.

Stockpair’s Warranty Program

Investors don’t have to worry about their investments with Stockpair. The Stockpair warranty program takes care of any and all investments without the risk of investors losing their money in its entirety.

The company, based in Cyprus, has a system designed to protect their loyal customers. 20000 Euros are allocated per client in the event that the company fails. Stringent measures agreed upon by the EU and its financial institutions are also enforced. Web sites and settings are also constantly being monitored and updated to the best and latest status.