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Bad Credit Cards: Best Credit Cards to Use with Bad Credit

Nobody wants bad credit—nobody. It’s almost like a one-way ticket to the poor house when you come into some bad credit. To be sure, bad credit happens when you experience bankruptcy or when you accumulate debts; the debts themselves are not the problem, it’s the amount accumulated that usually gets you into bad credit.

Bad credit also makes it hard for you to take loans or pay off some bills. If you want, however, there are still credit cards you can use to pay off that debt. It’s just a matter of shrewd know-how and credit management to keep you out of credit for good.

Secured Mastercard, Capital One

With an annual fee of 0%, what more can you ask for? This is good for people who want to get a creditor’s restored confidence to grant them loans. For as little as $49, you can start to create a $200 credit line. It gets even better—if you become a responsible card user this time around, you can even get a cash back on your deposit as well as an increased credit line.

Platinum Mastercard, Indigo

Indigo, meanwhile, has an annual fee of 0% (for people with previous bad credit) up to $99. Indigo’s Platinum Mastercard is also a great way of getting credit cards without worrying about your bad credit grade. People with bad credit will always have that mark on their records for up to ten years—if you want to get over that, then Indigo’s Platinum Mastercard is the card for you.

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Secured Card, Discover it

The Secured Card from Discover it gets you a 2% cash back every time you use it in a restaurant or gas station, but that’s not the reason you get it. You get it because you can get back the money you’ve earned for the year through a dollar-to-dollar match; you get it because there’s no annual fee, and you get it especially because it will help you become more responsible with your finances.

VISA Credit Card, First Access

This VISA Credit Card from First Access isn’t really as special—you still get an annual fee of $75 initially. That amount falls to $48 once you’re good. What’s special about it is that they can report your finances to three major credit agencies, forcing you to be frugal; you are also aided by timely advice through the readily available Customer Center agents as well as Expedited Processing.

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Unsecured VISA with Cash Back, Credit One

Credit One’s VISA card has a big caveat to it—you get it because you’re looking for a cash back. The VISA Unsecured variety from Credit One has a lot of offers for the people who want to get out of debt; You can use your cash back to pay off your credit debt. The cash back is pegged at 1% and can come from everyday purchases—from gas to dining, you can get that debt paid back eventually.

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