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Freedom from the 9 to 5: How to Make a Work-from-Home Job Work for You

It’s everyone’s dream job. Why spend your time trapped in a cubicle in the office when you can very well work from the comfort of your home? That’s what today’s technology has allowed. Workers simply need a strong connection at home or wherever, a laptop, and the know-how to market the skill sets that they have with clients looking for remote workers online.

If you’re new to the remote workforce, you must also know that it’s not all sunshine and daisies; this is the real world, and there are people out to scam you of your money. Here’s how you find the real remote jobs.

Search in online sites

The first step toward creating a presence online is to look for sites online that supplies the abundance of work you’re looking for. There are lots of online sites that post work, but then, lots of them also post work that is too good to be true. Be careful and vigilant when looking for online work, as it could either be a scam or work that is out of your reach.

pc3 - Freedom from the 9 to 5: How to Make a Work-from-Home Job Work for You

Search for known online clients

When looking for online jobs, there are websites that have jobs you’d feel safe applying for. These sites are already established in the community; some of them you can find on Facebook through the pages. There are some jobs that CareerBuilder posts as well. Recently, even LinkedIn has started to recognize working from home enough to entertain people looking for work-from-home freelancers.

Become a tele-marketer

Tele-marketers have become in-demand for the creation of call centers. It’s become easier with today’s technology, and there have been people working from the comfort of their own home. These people usually find jobs on sites like Telereach and Intrep. It’s not easy, though; you usually need to invest on good Internet connection, not to mention provide your own gear.

Look for secure jobs, even if low-paying

Working from home is never easy. It entails being to work by your lonesome, where your own worst critic is yourself. It also requires you to be your own time manager. When looking for work, as you’re building your freelancer portfolio, you should look for work that is stable, even if it is low-paying. This is to ensure that you’re looking for jobs that are steadily providing your income, even if you’re working from home.

The most you’re going to get is a video call job interview

Don’t expect to experience what you’re used to when dealing with a brick-and-mortar company. If you’re looking for work online, you’re literally going to work alone. There may be times when your client or some employees meets you, but companies that offer that are few and far in between. Even interviews and meetings are done through tele-commuting.

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