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Easy Money: Tips to Make Money even when at Home

There was a time when making money from home seemed impossible.

Jobs are traditional. Usually, a job is done in an office, sitting in a cubicle and staying in one place from 9 to 5. In recent years, however, technology allowed people to work jobs without having to be physically present at a place. All a person needs to do his job is to have a laptop and a strong Internet connection.

There is a way to get work from home, but you have to be careful sifting through the legitimate jobs from the not. Here are ways on how to detect legitimate home-based jobs.

house - Easy Money: Tips to Make Money even when at Home

1: Paid for your Opinion

One of the main jobs available in abundance on the Web is surveys. There are different types of surveys; some of them, however, are paid and you can delve into this to get your foot into the online job market. Be aware, though, that not all of these ‘paid survey’ websites are available worldwide. They also pay small, and are usually taken part-time, at best.

2: Real Estate Trading and Investment

If you’re looking into the Investment kind of part-time work, sites like Fundrise may just be for you. These websites focus on making your hard-earned investment work for you, in a sense. Fundrise, and other websites like it, operate through allocating part of the funds of an assigned series of portfolios (usually townhomes or apartments) to your account. It’s not guaranteed money, though, but you can earn big through it.

3: Share Ideas about your Life

Surveys also offer a glimpse into your life—the life of a potential market that some investigating websites would like to get their hands on. Therefore, sites like them—and others—would pay big money to get a look into your life. This is the chance to make some small money through answering surveys and the like. Again, it’s not big, but it can add a substantial amount to your savings.

house2 - Easy Money: Tips to Make Money even when at Home

4: Cashback from Shopping and other Purchases

If you value your money, then you’d jump at the chance to get some of it back when you spend it. The easiest way of doing this is through cashback and rewards which credit cards and some sites can provide. eBates and Swagbucks-like sites are prime examples of this. Through these sites, you can earn back at least a small percentage of the money you spend annually.

5: Rent out your Home

Today’s millennial generation is big on traveling and there’s one thing that this has given rise to—dirt-cheap accommodations that don’t look dirt cheap. If you live in an area where there’s an annual influx of tourists, you can rent out a spare room in your home on sites like AirBnB. Even better—if you’ve got an investment like a spare apartment or home, you can offer that up for rent as well.

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